Junior’s Fashion Week in motion to embrace young models’ aspirations

about jfw

It is an era for everyone to be who they are, to show what they’re made of and most of all realize their true potential. The chivalry of the matter is such that the true heart’s desire has a way of turning to absoluteness. You do not have to be a certain way to achieve a certain milestone. If heart’s content is true and the struggles of your efforts are bonafide, then there is very little to no scope of derailment. But there is a very important detail that we might be missing out on, for every flower to bloom, there has to be the presence of a perfect environment around.

Junior’s Fashion Week, marks its onset in the fashion and lifestyle industry with the advent of fresh talent and true spirit. It will be delivered by a squad of young dynamic kids’ models sashaying down the runway, leaving a trail of glitter behind them.

A lucid conversation with the Talent management team of JFW, reveals that the team is on a lookout for young models aged between 4-14 years of age. “We at JFW provide portfolio of services to our junior clients, which   workshops, astounding photo shoots, mentoring by the celebrated fashion gurus and a remarkable experience of walking down the runway for reputed brands. The abridged deliverance is given to the kids individually and we are more than glad to see a kid fulfil their dreams of being a kid model under our guidance.” rejoices talent management team.

The parents who are willing to register their kids to the prodigious fashion week can reach them here. Let the flight of aspirations of being a kid model find its way to the runway of JFW! There should be almost no one to stand out of the light they truly deserve, even so, more for the little ones who are born to shine. Find out more about JFW here.


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