American Brand Timberland to set fashion goals at JFW Bengaluru

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Boys will be boys and why not so! Stylish boys should remain stylish and not let their shine get dim, even a bit. One of the most renowned American clothing brands, Timberland supports the idea of looking best in the outdoors.

The brand was launched in 1955, after being evolved from a family-run shoe company. Its collection is synonymous with style, comfort, and culture. Not just clothes, the brand is world-renowned for its trendsetting, versatile, and evergreen shoes. The aesthetic product designs, the interesting culture of the New England heritage is reflected in the array of collections offered by the brand. The fulcrum of their operations, the foundation of their collection is the outdoor lifestyle.

The brand also believes in giving back in ways more than one. It integrates city streets, wooden trails among other outdoor spots into its collection, making it every child’s go-to brand for all things outdoor dress-up. The brand has got all wardrobe solutions for kids who are playful, adventurous and feisty. The printed puffed jackets transport us to the imaginative funky lands where ‘one cares for oneself and nobody else’. For all treks and high jumps, that the kid might wanna do, Timberland has classic choices of clothes to offer.

There are long-sleeved tops to rock the day look and emblazoned T-shirts to stun all the invitees at a grand birthday bash – there wouldn’t be any dearth of style with Timberland. For the winters, there are laid-back hoodies that have the warm feel coming so easy for the wearer. The soft and comforting fabric used in the collection makes the wearer want more and more of it, regardless of the ongoing season.

Timberland will be showcasing its fascinating collection at the Bengaluru edition of Junior’s Fashion Week at Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, Bengaluru. The event will unfold opportunities for the brand-conscious audiences of Bengaluru to witness the Autumn-Winter collection of Timberland.