Rookie USA Showcases Autumn Winter 21 Collection at JFW, Hyderabad

JFW - Hyderabad

Rookie USA is a brand based in the USA. Rookie is available in 39 countries around the world. From head to toe, it’s a kid’s favourite brand. From the ages of 0 to 16, we offer brands like Jordan, Nike, Converse, and Levi’s under Rookie.

Are you ready to experience an intriguing showcase of junior sensations? So gear up for taking a look at the mesmerizing eve of the spellbinding little ones showcasing an awe-inspiring collection.

The exhilaration of Junior’s Fashion Week sparked in the ambience of Junior’s Fashion Week, Hyderabad. The glitzy event of Junior’s Fashion Week was fully packed with tantalizing performances of little ones. At Junior’s Fashion Week, spectators are not only enjoying the procession of cutting-edge ensembles and having a delicate look at the refreshed collection but also helping them acknowledge the brands, fabrications, and varieties of the collection and accessories paradigm before them.  The charismatic event of Junior’s Fashion Week brought into spotlight modish, voguish & equally comfy collections by the showcasing brands.


Beloved universally by hypebeasts and luxury fanatics alike, the blockbuster collaboration was released at Juniors Fashion Week. 

Rookie’s signature hoods and joggers were on full display — with a series of monogrammed and printed apparel.

Despite occupying opposite ends of the industry spectrum — luxury and streetwear — the collection seamlessly merged the DNA of both Junior’s Fashion Week and Rookie Kids and still boasts a sky-rocketed event. 

Rookie USA gave the perfect blend of aesthetic sports clothing brands such as Nike, Jordan and Levies, Converse.

Nike – One of the largest and best-known sellers of sportswear in the world, Nike began as a maker of athletic shoes, then branched out into shoes and clothes. At Junior’s Fashion week kids walked with comfort as the winter collection was showcasing, Nike Hoodies, Tees shorts, and Joggers created fresh and fit vibes. 

Jordan – Created for athletes mainly focusing on basketball players, displaying its winter wear collection at juniors fashion week. Kids were all charged up while showcasing Jordan apparel at the show. Jordan displayed its high-end printed hoodies with different colour profiles along with easy joggers paired up with both casual and sports shoes. 

Levi’s – Levi’s is worldwide famous for its denim and that same world looked at Juniors Fashion Week too. Levi’s reflects its legacy here at the show itself. Kids were feeling all rugged and full of spark wearing denim and shirts at the same time along with pairing winter boots. 

Converse – Converse started its journey with all-star shoes and here at Junior’s Fashion week kids not just displayed the classic all-stars sneakers but paired it with attractive logo hoodies and jeans from converse clothing. Kids flaunting their dance moves with shuffles here with converse at juniors fashion week.

For electrifying & cherishing the dreams of your little ones, enroll now with Junior’s Fashion Week.

The event will take place on 29 January 2022.

Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Hyderabad

Timings: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM

With such an electrifying & dazzling exposure at Bengaluru, Junior’s Fashion Week is excited for the next stop of the Autumn-Winter captivating journey in Jaipur.