Junior’s Fashion Week Runway Showcase | Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh | January 8, 2022


The buzz surrounding Junior’s Fashion Week is palpable in India’s Silicon Valley.

The Hyatt Regency in Chandigarh will host Junior’s Fashion Week, which will be jam-packed with enthralling performances by juniors. There is an excellent exposure of runway displays to modelling for young ones at Junior’s Fashion Week. Every JFW event is full of seductive and dynamic vibes, resulting in a plethora of memorable moments for every Junior’s Fashion Week attendee. Little ones get to enjoy much more than just a fashion week during Junior’s Fashion Week. With its seductive celebration of fashion, runway exhibition, and modelling, Junior’s Fashion Week influenced the fashion business.


Junior’s Fashion Week is committed to establishing essential safety measures in its showcases and events in line to COVID-19. The JFW team also takes precautions such as physical separation, cleaning, and hygiene countermeasures. We make sure that we turn this setback into a comeback with Junior’s Fashion Week ‘Digital Edition.’ Parents are overjoyed after seeing their children’s adorable performances.

JFW’s grand event drew tens of thousands of spectators and received loud applause and praise from the media. The press and media play a crucial part in showcasing the magnificent fashion week and giving it a global audience. From newspapers to magazines, JFW establishes a paradigm that astonishes the public. JFW not only depicts fashion and modelling, but also the untapped potential of juniors.

Every year, Junior’s Fashion Week hosts a slew of children’s fashion events in locations across the country. These well-attended events have always piqued the interest of reputable publications and periodicals. Furthermore, the press release may unequivocally support this assertion. You may read all of the press releases that have been released so far and get a sense of what happens at JFW.

Little ones are all set to burn the glistening stage with their captivating performances at the tempting event of Junior’s Fashion Week. Junior’s Fashion Week’s skilled crew leaves no stone untouched in preparing the juniors for the runway.

There are loads of scintillating exposures waiting for the spectators to unravel in this ravishing & spectacular digital edition of Junior’s Fashion Week, Chandigarh.


The event will take place on January 8, 2022.

Venue: Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh

Timings: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM