Time to reward your child with a television commercial (they’ve earned it).


Television commercial is still the most effective means of communicating your ideas to the masses. 

There’s no denying that there’s an old book charm to television commercials. Some are remembered for their catchy punch lines and some speak volumes without saying a word. They are the prima facie of what a brand wants to communicate to its target audience. TVCs are much more than the product they feature. They are not just building brands but they are also making icons; the faces that come to represent the commercial.

Casting in a television commercial is indeed a good exposure to your kid. You don’t have to be a star to be a part of a television commercial; you just need to have the right aptitude and confidence to act in front of the camera. Not all kids are born equal, some are good with academics, some with sports and some with dramatics, but they all are born stars. Some aspire to be under the lights of the camera and be known to the world at large and JFW give those aspirations the wings of determination. 

jfw tvc 2

These icons, a television commercial gives rise to, are embedded in memories of viewers for a longer time. The new concept of executing a brand idea through kids’ model has taken rise in the industry. The reason being, kids are great actors, they have abundance of natural talent which if nurtured properly can give rise to the best set of commercials industry will witness. The emotional connect that arises due to the kids innocence is worth praising. Recently, Flipkart, Britannia, Surf Excel, AFL and others have brilliantly communicated their ideas through kids. Is this good exposure to kids?

Junior’s Fashion Week is coming up with a campaign to capture the children’s natural emotional intelligence through a television commercial, if your child seeks to be an upcoming model, enroll here.



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