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Junior’s Fashion Week offers a one-stop platform that caters to the needs of both millennials and their children and provides them with a fun-filled fashion experience. JFW started its journey with Mumbai as the maiden runway and afterward, goodness got manifested over the years. Today, JFW is spreading its arms and grooming the children of over TEN major geographies of India including Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ludhiana, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. This is just the beginning of a well-groomed kids population in India.

1. What is Junior’s Fashion Week?

Junior’s Fashion Week is a kids’ edutainment platform that showcases the most premium and best of children’s apparel, footwear and  accessories for kids from three to fourteen years. With a lineage of organising 45 fashion shows all across India spread over 4 years  since the inception in 2016, JFW was born out of a love of fashion.

We are associated with over 25 International luxury and premium brands like Hugo Boss, DKNY, Little Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Kenzo,  Monnalisa, Billie Blush, Stella McCartney, Colors of California, U.S. Polo Assn. Kids, The Children’s Place among other magnates of the  children fashion and lifestyle industry. Moreover, we have groomed over 9500 junior models.

2. How is the Digital edition different from the ‘Analogue’ edition in the past?

Conscious of the current circumstance and its waves of radical change, JFW has decided to go digital. As ‘digital’ has become a prefix to  most terms in modern culture, it was a no-brainer for us to organise the digital edition of JFW.

The two key differences between the regular showcase and digital showcase are: firstly, JFW Digital will be attended by a large online  audience, as the showcase will be live streamed on our Website; Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Secondly, instead of one physical  workshop, we will be conducting three online workshops followed by one online one-on-one practise session.

3. Who all will attend the live streaming showcase of Juniors Fashion Week?

JFW Digital will be a coveted affair. Industry’s eminent personalities and experts like casting directors, agencies, brand representatives,  notable media channels, influential fashion bloggers, social media influencers and other renowned personalities from the length and  breadth of the fashion lifestyle industry will be invited to attend the live streaming of the showcase.

4. Why Junior’s Fashion Week?

JFW is a first-class and unparalleled stage in the country where your child marks the beginning of their modeling career with the  ultimate exuberance. A one-of-its-kind platform that facilitates a lifetime learning for the Juniors under the guidance of industry’s eminent experts, JFW is a golden opportunity for Juniors to not only set their foot into the limelight but also to develop their  personality, learn how to strike a fab pose in front of camera, develop stage confidence, and modelling techniques.

It will open up an influx of excellent opportunities for your junior. Such an exposure will help in accentuating the calibre of junior and will contribute towards transforming their dreams of becoming a junior supermodel into reality.

5. Will there be a training workshop before the showcase?

Yes, there will be three online workshops and one practice session before the showcase. Online Workshops will be conducted by revered  choreographers and subject matter experts from the Fashion Industry. The workshops will be focused towards training the juniors with  the walk, poses, facing the camera, modelling techniques, building their confidence and personal grooming. The schedule of the same  will be shared with you well in advance. A one on one practice session will be followed by the three workshops.

6. Who are the participating brands?

International Luxury brands – Monnalisa, Paul Smith, Kenzo and Hugo Boss will be the participating brands at the 2020 Digital Edition  of Junior’s Fashion Week showcasing their Autumn Winter 2020 Collection.

7. What will be the age group for these services? Are there any other eligibility criteria?

Juniors between the ages of 3 years to 15 years can participate. There are no other eligibility criteria.

8. Will children with special needs also be able to participate?

Yes, JFW does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, ability and gender. We believe that all children should be provided  with equal opportunities and shouldn’t be subjected to any judgement at such a tender age.

9. When and where will the showcase take place?

The Bengaluru showcase will be organised on 28th & 29th November 2020 at Hotel Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru whereas the Mumbai Showcase  will take place on 12th & 13th December 2020 at Westing, Mumbai. The showcase will happen in small batches considering the COVID19  guidelines and the time slots for the same will be communicated 7 days prior to the showcase.

10. Will I have to travel for the showcase?

Not if you are from Bengaluru or Mumbai. If you’re from another city then, yes, you will have to travel but at your own expense

11. What will be the duration of the showcase?

The duration of the showcase including fitting session, photoshoot, make-up and styling will take 1.5 to 2 hours approximately.

12. How will the makeup and styling of my junior be done?

Lakmé Academy is our salon partner. Experts from Lakme Academy will be doing the make-up and styling of your Junior before the  showcase.

13. Can I feed my child during the showcase?

No. Nutritious and yummy meals will be provided to the juniors in the hygienically and properly sealed meal box at the venue by the  hotel.

14. Will I get the pictures and the recording of the showcase?

Yes, we will provide five soft copies of professionally clicked pictures of your Junior and one picture of Junior with the parents. As far  as showcase video is concerned, we will be uploading the showcase video on our facebook page and youtube channel. The video will be  uploaded after the showcase.

We will place multiple cameras during the showcase to ensure that we cover your child’s walk from each angle, so that you and your  child can cherish these memories forever.

15. Will there be any fitting session in advance for the outfit?

Yes, there will be a fitting session for the outfit your junior will wear and walk the ramp. It will be done on the day of the showcase  itself.

16. What is the procedure after I send my confirmation?

Once you send us a confirmation, we will share an email with you with the payment details. On the receipt of the payment, we will send  you a welcome letter and payment acknowledgement.

17. Does JFW issue a certificate of participation?

Yes, we will award the participating kids with a globally recognized certificate with logos of participating luxury brands printed on  them. This goes a long way to create credibility for the child modelling career and adds glamour and eminence to the child’s testimonials.

18. What opportunities may be available for the participants after the digital showcase?

they are noticed by several eminent personalities, brand representatives, media houses, leading designers invited for the digital premiere for this edition. It proves to be a gateway to limitless opportunities and unthinkable connections. Juniors may be contacted by notable brands, eminent designers and fashion houses for brand endorsements, advertisements or television commercials and more.

19. Is there a fee to participate in the Junior’s Fashion Week?

Yes, there is a one-time participation fee of Rs. 15000+18% tax. It will be a one-time payment.

20. What are the various payment options?

The payment options available are: Bank Transfer, NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, Paytm, JFW Website Payment, Cash, and Credit Card EMIs.

21. Is my child safe at JFW?

To ensure that all the Juniors are safe is the topmost priority of the JFW team. Our staff is highly trained and ensures that every  individual complies with the safety measures in all circumstances. Efficient vigilance and alertness are exercised at JFW to maintain a professional and convivial environment at all times. Uncivilized behavior by any individual is intolerable as it affects the learning  process of the Junior and disrupts the environment at JFW. We aim to provide a congenial and highly safe environment to all the participating juniors so that there is more to learn and nothing to worry.

23. What is the privacy policy at JFW?

Privacy of Juniors and their parents is uncompromised at all times at JFW. Inflexible privacy guidelines adopted at JFW ensure that all  photos, videos, and personal information are secured and not subject to any damage or misuse. No personally identifiable information  is shared with any third party at any time.

22. What will be the safety measures and precautions for the shoot?

Given the global pandemic, our team will strictly adhere to all the safety protocols and guidelines issued by the Government of India.  For instance, all our team members and visitors will go through compulsory non-body temperature checks and will be wearing face  shields, face masks and gloves all the time.

Further, a minimum of 6 feet. social distance between all personnel during the showcase will be maintained. All the equipment used  during the entire duration of the showcase will be disinfected using an alcohol-based disinfectant. Sanitizers will be provided at all the  touch points at the venue.

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